Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry 8

Fashion jewelry represents the stylish accessories that most women, teens and young girls like to match with their daily clothes, to look elegant and beautiful. They come in different designs that depend on the material they were made from and the colorful beads fixed on each piece. Fashion jewelry designs are either made by famous brands like Kenzo, Chanel and Christian Dior, or just manufactured from light materials that suit the daily use and common hangouts. Both may come in affordable prices, but in general, the brand name jewelry comes…

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Expensive Jewelry Designs

Expensive jewelry designs 0

If you are invited to a big party, formal dinner or a special occasion, you certainly need to wear elegant accessories, which are different from those you wear for daily elegance. Expensive jewelry designs offer you a variety of fine accessories, made from different materials and beaded with brilliant stone and gem selections, to suit every occasion and match with your garments. Among these accessories you can find white gold rings, trimmed with yellow gold ranges and beaded with colorful crystals. The fine colliers and large necklaces are also featured…

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Enzo Jewelry

Enzo jewelry 0

ENZO jewelry is a retail brand under the LORENZO group. The company is located in Hong Kong and it produces reasonably priced fashion jewelry. ENZO is famous for using fine stones and diamonds in the featured collections, as it produces a wide range of proposal rings, engagement rings and wedding jewelry of different prices, in addition to elegant daily jewelry that vary in prices too. As seen in the photos, the jewelry includes bridal jewelry sets, fashion rings, earrings, necklaces, broaches, colliers and pendants. Among these designs, and many others…

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Stylish Mobile Covers

Stylish mobile covers 0

After posting the Christmas mobile covers, I thought of bringing you more stylish mobile covers to light up your daily fashion and give you more ideas on the brilliant designs I found. As I previously noted, mobile phone covers are often made of thin plastic or polymers. This time, while browsing the varieties, I found other types made from silicon and few others from ceramic. Of course both types won’t be functional as the plastic covers, but surely I included one or two in this post, to show how luxurious…

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Bridal Hair Accessories

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Bridal hair accessories are essential for every bride. They give a beautiful look to every hair style, especially the luxury combs and crystal accessories. Bridal hair accessories are available in all bride-essentials stores, and they vary in price according to their size and the rhinestones stuck on them. There are different designs of hair accessories, divided into three categories; flower shaped accessories, decorated headbands, and rhinestone settings. The most elegant and most expensive is the rhinestone sets. These sets are either made in simple forms, like a comb or tiny…

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Engagement Ring Styles

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Every woman feels great happiness when she gets engaged. For that special day, ladies try to choose the best style for their dresses and engagement rings. Our topic today is about engagement ring styles, brands and the varieties of diamond cuts. Engagement ring styles vary basically according to the era. For example, the antique engagement rings may come with multi-color and multi-cut diamonds, but the style is identified by the carvings or details. I collected some photos to show diamond cuts, style names, and the most famous brands that make…

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How To Choose The Right Sunglasses

how to choose the right sunglasses

As for how to choose the right sunglasses, many people feel quite confused and sometimes they buy the wrong style that doesn’t suit them, simply because they didn’t consider a few matters. Choosing the right sunglasses depend basically on your face features and hairstyle. Some people like to change sunglasses according to the seasonal change as they often change the hairstyles during such times. In all cases, it is true that your face features play the greatest role in wearing a round, square or tiny sunglass. In summer, people prefer…

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Fruit Jewelry

Fruit jewelry

Fruit jewelry?! I believe no woman can resist wearing accessories all day long, but to wear fruit shaped pendants, rings and earrings? Sounds deliciously brilliant! Fruit jewelry was first known between girls and teens, and was actually made of glass and plastic. After gaining a wide reputation, the accessories proved their elegance among all fashion jewelry, and then were produced by famous brands like Dior. The jewelry is now made of gold, silver, stainless steel and plastic, to give the most elegant looks for womens fashion accessories and even precious…

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