Antonio Berardi Resort 2015

Antonio Berardi Resort 2015 1

The starting point of Antonio Berardi resort 2015 was the sixties and seventies style, where women wore beautiful ruffles and bright colors. The collection was very rich in textiles and the colors came all in high saturations, even the intense pink that colored the gorgeous dresses and short skirts. In addition to the high saturation, there was another feature that characterized this collection; the glam colors and embroidery that came on different designs to show the jumpsuits like mosaic art and short dresses like soft silk. Some pieces, which were…

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Carolina Herrera Resort 2015

Carolina Herrera Resort 2015 2

An uncomplicated, straight silhouette was the message of Carolina Herrera resort 2015 collection. Although most people may regard the designs and colors as very dull and not creative, these designs were very humble and functional for many purposes, including traveling, daily work and special occasions. As Herrera always loved flowers, most of the short dresses and evening gowns came with floral prints, and even if not if cheerful colors, they looked romantic and simple. The work styles came as straight, A-line dresses, skirts, coats, nice fluid blouses and knitted sweaters.…

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Calvin Klein Collection Resort 2015

Calvin Klein Collection Resort 2015 3

For resort 2015, Calvin Klein provided its customers with a simple collection that mostly suits work and traveling. In addition to the practical designs, the brand introduced light women wear, shown in the cropped pants, single shoulder blouses and other streamline silhouette dresses. After the cozy seasons of designing, Francisco Costa introduced this lovely resort collection in clear lined, pale colored designs, such as off-white and different grades of khaki, with some touches in black, blue, and orange. The practical designs that Francisco Costa showed were the short A-line dresses,…

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Burberry Prorsum Resort 2015

Burberry Prorsum Resort 2015 4

Burberry’s custom was always to introduce unique and extremely trendy designs, for women and men, every season. The match of colors, the elegant details and the general appearance have always appeared like artwork, made especially to please the customers and show them in their best looks. This collection, Burberry Prorsum resort 2015, came as stylish, long garments of which most are coats, skirts, and maxi dresses in dark and pale colors. Perhaps to show a bit of a fall look with all these coats; beating the bad weather while traveling…

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Alice And Olivia Resort 2015

Alice And Olivia Resort 2015 5

Stacey Bendet, the designer of Alice + Olivia, has always shown elegant trends, but for resort 2015, she decided to go into the mid-century glamour that appeared in the European travel style. Stacey introduced beautiful short dresses, mini skirts, cropped jackets, maxi dresses, fitted pants, pant suits, short suits, and skirt suits as well. All these suits came with different-in-design jackets, including the oversized, long jackets and the cropped feminine jacket. A few models were made from thick fabrics, which came with vintage-inspired prints like flowers, butterflies, parrots, eagles, and…

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Alexander Wang Resort 2015

Alexander Wang Resort 2015 6

Despite the many designs that we have recently seen from famous brands, none of them has gone bohemian like Alexander Wang in his resort 2015 collection. At the first sight, you may think of the bold colors, youthful clothes and casual styles. Matching the white color with black and blue in sharp-detail, over-sized garments gave this collection its bold touch. The other colors, such as pink, purple, turquoise and burgundy were distributed in several patches on white background, and a nice burgundy jacket. The other dominant color that was used…

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Acne Studios Resort 2015 Collection

Acne Studios Resort 2015 Collection 7

Acne Studios resort 2015 collection was not a great hit in resort fashion as much as resembling the pre-fall trends. The designer, Jonny Johansson, was inspired by Jeff Wall’s art that drove him to show realism in his designs through aggressively sharp cut clothes. Not only did he show sharp cut designs as a touch of realism, but he was keen on using the washed-out fabrics and knitted outfits, with extraordinary sleeveless, long vests. Jonny introduced elegant designs such as mannish trousers, denim jackets, long leather coats, cropped jeans jackets,…

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A.L.C Resort 2015 Collection

A.L.C Resort 2015 Collection 8

Although A.L.C resort 2015 collection seemed to lack the basic lines that define the style, it could combine between some old-fashioned looks and retro designs. This combination created a diversity of choices for those who like to indulge in the old-fashioned dresses, pants and skirts, as well as those who like cropped jackets, mini skirts, and sportive styles. The color palette included only three colors; black, white and yellow with two shades of silver and royal blue. These colors are what gave the collection it’s mixed touch of retro style…

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Alberta Ferretti Resort 2015

Alberta Ferretti Resort 2015 9

Alberta Ferretti resort 2015 collection is one of the best collections that I have seen this year. The designer showed a nice play of colors, mixing cheerful colors together to generate very bold, feminine looks. Perhaps her reason to cheer up the ladies this year was that mess going on in Europe; creating an essential need for a change in women’s trends. Before I mention the colors, I’d like to speak about the sharp details in the pants, long coats, skirts, short dresses and other designs. The sharp cuts, skittles,…

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