Goatee Styles

Goatee styles 1

Men consider beards and goatee styles as ways to express themselves, feel bold and have an attractive appearance. In fact, all beard and goatee styles look attractive; however, some may make them quite unique when they follow new, funky trends. In general, not only the hairstyles give a man his desired look. His facial hair is also important to complete the look, whether it is aimed to feel classic and neat, or funky and weird. As women mostly like scruffy beards, and surely men would want a bold, appealing look…

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Mohawk Lizard Haircut

Mohawk lizard haircut 1

Men’s Mohawk haircuts became a special trend for teenage and young guys. They mostly love its spiky appearance however it is not looking quite a spiky one. Mohawk lizard haircuts might be the weirdest style that a man can ever wear. So we thought of collecting some examples for Mohawk lizard haircuts, and also two odd cuts appearing in the rat and bench spider haircuts. Mohawk haircuts are done in different ways, as the photos show… they could be simple, without any dyes, or spiky with colorful dyes that show…

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