Stunning Eye Makeup Ideas

Stunning Eye Makeup Ideas 1

At times, you seek new eye makeup ideas or some designs that suit holidays and special occasions, but among the varieties you stare at the photos feeling confused about what to choose. In the below photos, I collected stunning eye makeup ideas that suit daily work, holidays, special occasions, vacations and even the year seasons. Among the seasonal makeup, I included two designs made by the famous artist, Tal Peleg, to suit Christmas and winter fashion. Most designs are not difficult to draw yourself, as they came in simple lines,…

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Makeup Kits For Girls

Makeup Kits For Girls 2

Makeup kits are essential for every lady, to add beautiful touches to her face and body, and look all pretty at work or during the special occasions. These cosmetics are categorized into two types, the simple daily care products like skin moisturizers and anti-wrinkling creams; and the beauty products like lip stick, blusher, eye shadow, glitter, eyebrow pencils, metallic pearls, etc… The good makeup kits should contain both products, or, at least, one daily care product and different choices of cosmetics. Despite that, most makeup kits are sold without cosmetics…

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Peacock Makeup And Body Art

Peacock Makeup And Body Art 4

  Most women like to try new makeup trends and body art ideas in parties and special occasions, or even when they want to have fun and make a change. Peacock makeup and body art ideas are what we introduce today for every woman, to wear some of the craziest and most beautiful art looks. You will find in our collection simple peacock eye makeup and face painting for adults and kids, in addition to beautiful full body art designs. Some ideas are done with lovely face makeup and full…

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