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After posting the Christmas mobile covers, I thought of bringing you more stylish mobile covers to light up your daily fashion and give you more ideas on the brilliant designs I found. As I previously noted, mobile phone covers are often made of thin plastic or polymers. This time, while browsing the varieties, I found other types made from silicon and few others from ceramic. Of course both types won’t be functional as the plastic covers, but surely I included one or two in this post, to show how luxurious they are.


Starting with the ladies covers, they come in bright colors, but mostly pink and feminine colors are widely used. The covers often hold beautiful design, like butterflies, roses or lips, decorated with rhinestones and beading in many colors to complete the elegant look.

The boys covers are totally different, however they hold prints of plants or super heroes. The colors used in these covers vary between green, blue, white and black, as most men prefer the black color in clothes and accessories.
Unlike both, kids mobile covers show the cutest designs ever. The color combinations are endless and the themes include animals and other childish prints.

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Stylish-mobile-covers_6 Stylish-mobile-covers_7 Stylish-mobile-covers_8 Stylish-mobile-covers_9

Stylish-mobile-covers_10 Stylish-mobile-covers_11 Stylish-mobile-covers_12 Stylish-mobile-covers_13

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