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A sunken living room is kind of contemporary living room design representing a seating area enclosed with a frame or at a lower level with step-down stairs.
The sunken living room design has first appeared in 1927, when the architect Bruce Goff designed it for the Adah Robinson residence. The design was used again in the late 50’s and then in 1962 then a few more times until the late 70’s.


The contemporary sunken living room has been brought again into home decorating these days. The varieties show framed living rooms, enclosed with fine wood frame that usually holds a bookcase at the outer side. There are also designs like the round, framed living rooms, in which the frame is a part of the furniture, made of the same material and fabric.
Minimalist sunken living room designs are very neat and comfortable. They are step-down leveled and usually designed in free, smooth lines.


The Japanese style appeals to many, and therefore, a sunken living room is sometimes made as a cozy seating area without stairs. This type could appear quite odd for you have to go down the area to the padded seat – as if you are sitting on a thick, shag rug.
There are fabulous sunken living room designs made in the step-down style within a swimming pool or at resorts which opened directly in the sea.
Some other comfortable designs are made like beds; enclosed in big wooden frames and furnished inside with big, padded seat and cushions. The seat is totally like the bed, and in this case you have to step up into the living room.

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