Basic Turkey Bread Stuffing

Basic turkey bread stuffing

The basic turkey bread stuffing is the simplest recipe that you prepare to stuff a 5 to 10 pounds turkey. It consists of bread, onions, celery, eggs, seasoning, butter and chicken broth. If you like to add other ingredients, like leftover chicken, it will also be a good idea to add taste, and a great alternative for those who dislike eggs. Ingredients: – ½ cup of chopped onions “or scallions”. – ½ cup of chopped celery. – 4 cups of bread cubes, brushed with butter and toasted. – ½ cup…

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Basic Stuffing Recipe

Stuffing recipe

The basic stuffing recipe is usually used for Thanksgiving stuffing and Christmas turkey, or just served with oven baked chicken instead of the common rice. The recipe contains giblets, or in other words chicken livers and gizzards, raisins and pine nuts mixed with rice and flavored with chopped parsley or scallion after cooking. It is considered the easiest turkey stuffing recipe that you can cook quickly or make just with stock and leftover chicken. Ingredients: – 500 gm of chicken livers and gizzards. – 1 cup of toasted pine nuts.…

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