Christmas Staircases

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‘Christmas staircases’ is a term that we often use to indicate the staircase garlands and decorations made for the holiday. These decorations are made in many ways to reflect a joyful ambiance; and in big houses, Christmas staircase decorations are made in luxurious displays with fairy lights and expensive ornaments. Artificial greenery garlands and fairy lights are always the bases for decorating a staircase. Attaching ornaments, flowers, pine cones, bells and bows give a special look, especially when you have experience in making garlands. The same decorations suit small and…

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Personalized Ornaments

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Personalized ornaments can be a new way to decorate your Christmas tree, in order to celebrate in a warmer atmosphere with family or a special person. Unlike the common Christmas tree ornaments, these personalized items come in very beautiful shapes, designed specially to provide you a warm, merry holiday. You can buy sparkling accessories with an empty space to write people’s names or stick a photo; or a large bride and groom shape resembling wedding, engagement or anniversary. The family ornaments are a bit large in size, coming with smiling…

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Pretty Christmas Mantel Decorations

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Pretty Christmas Mantel Decorations When Christmas is around the corner, all mantels are being dressed up with colorful ornaments and ever green garlands to draw the warmest atmospheres. If you are one of those who like to celebrate the holiday among lavish decorations and colorful ideas, you will like to try these ideas shown below. This collection shows pretty Christmas mantel decorations with a commonly traditional touch of ornaments and Christmas lights. Some photos will inspire you for the simplest mantel décor using small, neat-looking items, and some others will…

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Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decorations

Christmas fireplace mantel decorations 5

Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decorations Setting up Christmas fireplace mantel decorations is a fun matter, regardless of the type of décor or the mantel style. It is basically done every year to show a cozy place and bring all Christmas joy in each house. As many would often feel confused about their mantel décor during that hectic season, I’m providing some ideas for modern and traditional mantels, to help showing the best look ever. The ideas depend on mixing different lines and big objects like letters, wreaths, statues and Christmas tree alternatives.…

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Stunning Garden Themed Christmas Dinning room

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For all tablescaping lovers, I’m bringing you today a stunning garden themed Christmas dinning room décor and tables. These looks were originally made by ‘ Entertaining Women ‘, and set especially to give tranquility and natural beauty. All dinning room decorations and table accessories were made in red and green; the traditional Christmas theme. Tall tinsel trees, silver objects and white poinsettia planters decorated the dinning room counter. The candelabra came in fantastic design, holding each candle in glass votive. The tinsel trees were glittered, exactly giving the same sparkle of the chandelier ornaments. Long…

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Most Elegant Christmas Decorations For Every Piece Of Your House

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Have you ever thought of setting up festive Christmas decorations like big trees, large staircases and lighting letters? The idea sounds magical, but to display such décor at your home, some would need an inspirational guide to decide on the best Christmas decorating ideas for their homes. Starting with the entryway, hallway, doors, and halls; they all accept the same kind of decorations, such as Christmas wreaths, Christmas trees and garlands. The same décor is used for living rooms, bedrooms, mantels and kitchen if you wish. But you may consider…

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Stunning Christmas Centerpieces For A Royal Home Decorations

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I couldn’t resist posting these stunning Christmas centerpieces for how creative they are. Some Christmas accessories and decorative items are never out of the season’s trend. They are more than suitable, such as that colorful centerpiece below, showing an old goblin holding pine trees, birds and centering cheerful balls in enchanted forest. There are many looks that could be made with similar ornaments and glowing balls. All what you need is setting a basic theme and decorate around with variety of sizes, colors and shapes. The most beautiful and elegant…

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DIY Christmas Centerpieces

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If you want some DIY Christmas centerpieces and new ideas for last minute Christmas décor, you should take a look here. These pretty Christmas decorating ideas were made for table centerpieces, table settings and Christmas home décor. The ideas depend on using Christmas ornaments, fresh flowers, flower vases, handmade items and decorative table accessories in beautiful sets to form easy centerpieces. There are some centerpieces made with candy, pine cones, candles and even fruit bowls. The fruit bowls can actually hold any type of accessories you wish to use. You…

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The Snowflake Dance Romantic Tablescape

The snowflake dance romantic tablescape 1

The snowflake dance romantic tablescape, made by The Tablescaper, is one of the most beautiful, yet simple table settings that you can enjoy on the Christmas Eve. It is also suitable for a romantic winter dinner on candle light. The name reminds us of the famous ballet show, Waltz of The Snowflakes, which adds a special charm to the dinner. The basic and only accessories used for this theme were just snowflakes. Different shapes of snowflakes, including the plate chargers that looked like crystal snowflakes placed under each plate. The…

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