Goblins And Fairies Christmas Decorations

Goblins And Fairies Christmas Decorations 1

These fabulous goblins and fairies Christmas decorations were set up, by Jacqueline at Purple Chocolate Home, as a nice vintage Christmas theme for a warm holiday. The display was originally made for hall and kitchen decorations, and spread to some chairs and corner tables, chandelier and fireplace to form almost complete home décor. The decorative candles, fairies, crystal ornaments and Christmas balls were all in purple color, and the only difference was the color gradient. The goblins came in different sizes to show us pretty scene for two goblins sitting…

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Beautiful Christmas Decorating Ideas

Beautiful Christmas Decorating Ideas 2

Whether you live in a modern apartment or a traditional, country style house, these beautiful Christmas decorating ideas are what you need for a warming holiday. The ideas we are featuring today are not just simple, they are exquisite and creative. Some of them are even suitable for a rustic home décor, while others are really eye catching. The rustic style appears clear in the old fashioned trees with green garlands stuffing all around the mantels. That type of décor is incomparable; especially when you use a twig reindeer with them.…

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DIY Christmas Entry Decoration

DIY Christmas Entry Decoration 3

With this simple, DIY Christmas entry decoration you will be able to make elegant staircase and doorway decorations whether you live in a small house or a duplex. The idea featured in these photos depends on using artificial greenery garlands to form a simple staircase branch and entryway garland. The garlands are fixed with bow tie burlap sheets and satin ribbons where silver and golden Christmas balls are fixed on several positions to give elegant look. Some paper shapes and sheets also decorated the stairs along each garland, holding Merry…

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Christmas Chandelier Decorations

Christmas Chandelier Decorations 11

Christmas chandelier decorations give a warming look for your home and a welcoming sign for your guests. They are pretty as they provide a festive look and with the simplest touches they can display lovely hall and room decorations. There are lovely types of Christmas chandelier decorations, which you can make by yourself or buy from holiday stores. The most common types are those we make from green garlands, Christmas balls and pine cones. Some may use only Christmas balls in cheerful colors and fix them in a drapey way…

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