Crab Pasta Salad Recipe

crab pasta salad recipe

This crab pasta salad recipe is a bit different from the one I posted before. It contains all basic ingredients, but I tried to add more vegetables for a new taste. The recipe contains peas, carrots, green beans, and broccoli, so it can be eaten as a main dish or cold summer salad. Ingredients: – 2 cups spiral pasta or sea shells – 3 cups of crab meat – or 1 package imitation crab meat – 1 cup chopped green beans – 1 cup of peas and carrot – 1…

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Crab Pasta Salad

crab pasta salad

The crab pasta salad is a delicious seafood recipe that you can prepare in a short time for the whole family or introduce for guests in a summer party. Other than that, you can enjoy this lovely meal in picnics or enjoy with grilled shrimp or shrimp salad. The salad is healthy, nutritious, and is perfect for the diets ‘providing you exclude the mayonnaise’. If you don’t like the sweet taste of crab, you can add different veggies and flavorful herbs to this recipe and they will surely break the…

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Crab Salad Recipe

crab salad recipe

This crab salad recipe is also without pasta, for all crab meat lovers. It is suitable for formal lunches, picnics and parties as well as being a very simple appetizer.  You can eat it with pasta if you wish, or you can introduce with fried or mashed potatoes. Some may like to mix salad bread pieces or toasted bread cubes, it is a nice idea too and will add taste to the recipe. Adding herbs like parsley, basil or whatever you like with vegetables will make this crab salad recipe a very…

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Crab Salad

crab salad

One of the most delicious seafood recipes is the crab salad. Crab salad is often made with pasta and other ingredients, but as some prefer the pure crab taste and a lot of crab lumps, here is a nice and easy crab salad without pasta. Ingredients: – 2 cups of crab meat or lumps “without sharp pieces” – you can use imitation crab meat if you like – 1 medium green pepper – diced or thinly sliced – 1 medium tomato – diced – ½ cup of diced sweet red…

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