Marbled Easter Eggs

Marbled Easter Eggs 1

Coloring the eggs is one of the favorite activities that adults and kids do for the Easter holiday. At times, the egg patterns differ to show real art pieces instead of just simple, decorative crafts, and when one decides to buy plastic or ceramic eggs, they can choose from really stunning designs. Despite the difference in patterns and colors, the exceptional art of marbled Easter eggs does great decorations that many would love to try. Marbled Easter eggs are simply real, or plastic, eggs colored in unidentified patterns, either by…

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Unique Easter Decorations

Colorful Easter eggs in a bowl

If you like to add simple touches to your home during Easter, here are easy, unique Easter decorations that you can make from recycled and very affordable stuff. The ideas I collected depend on using flowers and Easter eggs in most models. Other models show lovely crafts for twig egg basket, egg trees, small wooden plant pots and colorful E-a-s-t-e-r letters. Starting with how to use eggs and flowers to create unique Easter decorations; the simplest idea is to choose big eggs, crack them from above, wash inside and fill…

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Easter Chocolate Eggs And Treats

Easter Chocolate Eggs And Treats 2

  Introducing chocolate eggs and bunny treats on your Easter table or as Easter treats for family and kids, is the funniest thing you can enjoy together. Egg treats are popular Easter chocolates that are sold all over the world. They are loved by kids and adults as they melt in chocolate delight. The idea of introducing chocolate eggs and bunnies is easy and not expensive. You may use a few ones, large or small, within a gift basket, on the coffee tables, on the main dinning table or even…

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Elegant Easter Egg Decorations

Elegant Easter Egg Decorations 3

As Easter eggs represent an amusing work, we all try to draw different patterns and feel proud to make personalized eggs or elegant ones. They can do great job when placed with Easter home decorations as well. This topic has gathered several ways to decorate your Easter eggs either using simple colors, patterns, or using yarn and crystal accessories. The basic way of decorating eggs is drawing simple lines for kids to follow and color in between. You can also prepare some animal patterns on paper, which you stamp on…

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Creative Easter Egg Designs

Creative Easter Egg Designs 4

Easter egg decorations have been always loved by adults and kids all over the world. They allow us to create art looks and different patterns to decorate our homes and enjoy some family fun during the holiday. You can prepare different patterns including flowers, art themes, funny faces, romantic and nature themes, then you enjoy coloring with your family, friends, relatives or neighbors using a wide variety of colors. You can follow these methods if you have time to decorate and color Easter eggs. But for those who have not…

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