Green Lemonade Juice

green lemonade juice

The green lemonade juice is a delicious recipe for weight loss and detox plans as it contains apples and lemons, a good mix for the well being. There are other optional ingredients that you can add to your green lemonade juice, such as pineapples, orange juice, and grapes. If you add those fruits to the original recipe, you will have an immunity boosting juice that fights diseases and helps in burning calories. Green lemonade juice ingredients: 1 medium apple 1 big lemon “green or yellow, use your favorite” ½ bunch…

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Immunity Boosting Juice

immunity boosting juice

This immunity boosting juice is supposed to contain a few kinds of vegetables, for detox diets and those who want healthy juices for weight loss. If you add more vegetables, it will be also good for health and taste; you can add green, yellow and red pepper, tomato, and cabbage. As for what I personally like, I prefer mixing many vegetables to add nutritious value. Ingredients: 1 medium carrot ½ bunch of spinach 1 garlic clove 2 celery stalks A dash of cayenne “optional for taste” Method: Put the ingredients…

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Green Vegetable Juice

green vegetable juice

Although this green vegetable juice is too simple, it is nutritious and filling. The juice was just made from such simple ingredients to be used basically for detox plans. You may add any other ingredients you like to enhance the nutrition value or the taste of this juice. Ingredients: 2 carrots 1 bunch of spinach leaves 3 leaves of kale 1 cucumber 2 celery stalks 3 cups of water Blend the ingredients in a juice or vitamix blender until all are fully smoothed then serve with crushed ice.

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Green Juice Recipe

green juice recipe

This green juice recipe is suitable for weight loss and detox plans. It contains apples and grapes for a better taste as some of you may not like the intense spinach and celery flavor. You can enjoy this green juice with breakfast and during summer with ice cubes, if you are not following a detox diet and want to lose some weight through a filling, nutritious drink. Ingredients in green juice recipe: 1 big green apple. 1 cup of green grapes. ½ bunch of chopped parsley. 4 kale leaves. 8…

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All Green Juice For Detox Diet

all green juice for detox diet

This all green juice for detox diet is an easy recipe that you can follow several times a week, if you are not on detox plan and just want to lose some weight. Ingredients: 1 medium cucumber 1 handful of parsley ‘chopped’ 4 celery stalks ‘chopped’ ½ bunch of romaine lettuce ½ bunch of spinach ‘optional’ ½ green apple ‘optional’ 2 kale leaves 2 cups of water – Blend the ingredients with ½ cup of water and increase the amount of water gradually until all are well-smoothed. Serve with crushed…

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