High Cholesterol And Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

We all know that high cholesterol clogs the blood vessels and results in various health problems, but many of us may not understand how high cholesterol levels affect their sex life. Many men even experience erectile dysfunction without knowing that the main reason is their wrong diet. How erection happens? When sexual simulation happens, either through the touches or thoughts, the brain releases chemicals into the man’s blood to cause the pelvic vessels to relax and therefore allow more blood flow to the penis. The vessels and arteries passing through…

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Atherosclerosis And The Effect Of Fats On Blood Vessels


Atherosclerosis And The Effect Of Fats On Blood Vessels It has been very common that many suffer from atherosclerosis and its associated problems like heart and brain diseases, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, etc. The reason behind atherosclerosis is always high cholesterol and fatty foods, but as most of us think of fatty foods as just high calories and will burn, we may need a simple approach for how fats can clog the blood vessels. The simplest explanation for clogging is thinking of your kitchen sink! Imagine washing too many…

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