Chicken And Sardine Recipe For Cats

Chicken and sardine recipe for cats

This is one of the very delicious recipes that cats adore as it contains eggs, chicken and sardine. It is highly nutritious as well and not harmful for old cats. Ingredients: 1 small can of sardine ¼ cup of bread pieces 1 egg 1 boneless chicken thigh “cooked” 2 tbs of olive oil Preparation: In the food processor, put the sardine ’without its oil’ with the boneless chicken thigh and bread pieces and process until they are well minced. Put the egg and keep mixing then in a skillet cook…

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Cat Cookies

Cat cookies

Cat cookies are their favorite treats, mostly because they are crunchy and tasting like dry foods. Although they are appealing, you shouldn’t introduce them as much for your cat, especially an aging one. Ingredients: ½ cup low fat milk Minced sardine ½ cup wheat germ Cheese “optional, if your cat likes it” Preparation: In a glass bowl, mix the ingredients with a spatula until it sticks and forms dough. Shape it with your hand into olive size balls and slightly press each one to flatten. Cook in the oven for…

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Chicken Cheese Burgers For Cats

Chicken Cheese Burgers For Cats 1

I think this recipe is too weird to introduce for a cat, but every time I read the ingredients I realize that any cat will surely like it. So I will give it a try one day for my cats. Ingredients: 100 gm cooked minced meat 100 gm cooked minced chicken 100 gm oat flakes or preferably minced bread 1 tbs chicken broth Small cooked carrot, mashed. 1 raw egg ½ cup of grated cheese Preparation: Keep the cheese aside and mix the ingredients in a glass bowl until it…

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