Beet Juice Recipe

beet juice recipe

This beet juice recipe was originally written for detox diets, but it can be used as weight loss juice or healthy juice. The juice was named ‘heart beet juice’ due to its benefits for the heart. The juice can be used as a treatment for anemia as it helps in red blood cells regeneration. You may add green pepper and spinach leaves to the beet juice, to enhance its iron content. Ingredients: 1 medium beet 2 medium carrots 4 kale leaves 2 celery stalks ½ head of romaine lettuce ½…

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Green Juice Recipe

green juice recipe

This green juice recipe is suitable for weight loss and detox plans. It contains apples and grapes for a better taste as some of you may not like the intense spinach and celery flavor. You can enjoy this green juice with breakfast and during summer with ice cubes, if you are not following a detox diet and want to lose some weight through a filling, nutritious drink. Ingredients in green juice recipe: 1 big green apple. 1 cup of green grapes. ½ bunch of chopped parsley. 4 kale leaves. 8…

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All Green Juice For Detox Diet

all green juice for detox diet

This all green juice for detox diet is an easy recipe that you can follow several times a week, if you are not on detox plan and just want to lose some weight. Ingredients: 1 medium cucumber 1 handful of parsley ‘chopped’ 4 celery stalks ‘chopped’ ½ bunch of romaine lettuce ½ bunch of spinach ‘optional’ ½ green apple ‘optional’ 2 kale leaves 2 cups of water – Blend the ingredients with ½ cup of water and increase the amount of water gradually until all are well-smoothed. Serve with crushed…

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Green Detox Juice

green detox juice

As we all like to drink juices any time, green detox juices have become a very famous way for an easy detox plan. Besides being delicious drinks that boost the energy before and after workouts, juices are considered the best way to keep our bodies hydrated in summer and provide the essential nutrients and minerals. Some follow juicing for weight loss plans, to lose weight and do a detox plan at once. In such cases, choosing a menu of low sugar juices, or no sugar at all, is an essential…

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