DIY Marbled Easter Eggs With Nail Polish

DIY Marbled Easter Eggs With Nail Polish 1

In a previous topic, we spoke about how to color Easter eggs and mentioned different ways, of which marbling took great attention. Of course, the undefined themes of these eggs make them look like real marbles, and hence fabulously suitable for parties and all-season decorations. DIY marbled Easter eggs with nail polish is a simple technique that I accidentally found in some blogs and wanted to try for this holiday. The needed tools are tooth picks, a bit-wide, small bowl of water, boiled eggs or emptied, whole egg shells; elastic…

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How To Color Easter Eggs

How to color Easter eggs

As we think of how to color Easter eggs, almost every year, to come up with new patterns and beautiful art, we are introducing simple tips for everyone, to enjoy the spring holiday. In the below points, we are going to list the possible ways for easy egg coloring in simple steps, with the available materials in your kitchen. Some patterns may need talent, but you will also find very quick and easy models. 1- Natural egg coloring: Natural egg coloring comes from the natural dyes in saffron, thyme, red…

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Marbled Easter Eggs

Marbled Easter Eggs 2

Coloring the eggs is one of the favorite activities that adults and kids do for the Easter holiday. At times, the egg patterns differ to show real art pieces instead of just simple, decorative crafts, and when one decides to buy plastic or ceramic eggs, they can choose from really stunning designs. Despite the difference in patterns and colors, the exceptional art of marbled Easter eggs does great decorations that many would love to try. Marbled Easter eggs are simply real, or plastic, eggs colored in unidentified patterns, either by…

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