Schnitzel Cheese Sauce

Cheese sauce

Schnitzel cheese sauce is one of the easiest sauces that you can prepare for many dishes, including pasta, French fries and meats. You can also use it a nice cheese dip with crackers, toasted bread and chicken popcorn. Schnitzel cheese sauce is a bit similar to Alfredo sauce, but this a lighter one in which I used tiny amount of flour and vegetable oil, so that you can distinguish and enjoy the cheese flavor. I personally love to serve this sauce with French fries and nuggets, an elegant cold cuts salad…

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Pasta Sauce

Pasta Sauce This pasta sauce file has collected a variety of pasta sauce recipes from my website, to help you understand the differences in each recipe, decide which type of sauce you may choose for lunch, and create your own in better styles. You will find photos coming with short descriptions for the ingredients, and the photos are listed below to indicate each recipe. Just click on each photo to view the recipes. The easiest pasta sauce recipes 1- Garlic and olive oil sauce This delicious pasta sauce depends on garlic, olive oil…

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Olive Oil Pasta Sauce

olive oil pasta sauce

The olive oil pasta sauce, also called garlic and olive oil dipping sauce, is one of the most delicious sauces to use as dipping and on foods. It gives a unique taste for pasta and bread, when used as condiment, and it is your best solutions if you have excessive amount of garlic that you don’t want to turn dry. Olive oil and garlic sauce is also used as fabulous poultry marinade, meat marinade and also fish dressing. The best advantage you may get is not only the taste, but…

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