Pickled Green Tomatoes

pickled green tomatoes

In a previous topic, I posted easy and quick method for pickled tomatoes that you can consume at once or within one week. In this topic, I’m posting 3-spice-mix recipes for pickled green tomatoes. Green tomatoes usually take longer time to ripen in the brine, and hence we will follow a more traditional way for pickling and you will have to wait 3 weeks before consuming. The brine recipe is constant in each method, and only the spices differ. Basic brine for 1 kg of tomatoes: 1 cup of white…

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Pickled Tomatoes

Pickled tomatoes

Pickled tomatoes are amazing appetizers with many dishes. Unlike most pickles, they don’t take any time and you can marinate the tomatoes with your favorite additions, spices, juices and herbs. My favorite method for pickled tomatoes is like pickling eggplant, but surely the spices are different and I use herbs like dill and basil for an intense flavor. You can start consuming pickled tomatoes at once from the first day, and you shouldn’t let it for long in the fridge – I consume it within only one week. Adding less…

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