Easy Desserts

We all think of easy desserts to prepare just before the meals and enjoy with our families. In some cases we need easy and quick desserts to make for kids, yet we should focus on the nutritious value of the meal to help building the kid’s body. In this topic, we are providing easy dessert ideas in which you can use fruits and very simple ingredients. 1- Cuban baked bananas. This recipe is made especially for kids, to provide them energy and nutritious value. It is easy and delicious, besides…

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Cherry Pudding Tarts

cherry pudding tarts

The cherry pudding tarts are really delicious treats for kids. They suit winter and summer, but I for one prefer them in winter. The idea came to me when I was viewing some cheese cakes that are made and shaped in paper cupcake molds. I use the common tart or biscuit ingredients; flour, eggs, a bit of milk and little sugar. A bit of baking powder will help as well, but I don’t use it as I like crunchy desserts. The basic ingredients for a small amount of dough are…

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Blackberry Cobbler

blackberry cobbler

This is an easy blackberry cobbler recipe; something that you can prepare just before sitting for lunch with family, and enjoy it warm with whipped cream and fresh mint springs. Ingredients: – 1 cup flour – 1 egg – 1 cup of sugar – increase the amount if you like – 4 cups of blackberries “rinsed and dried from water with paper towel” – 1 tbs lemon juice for the blackberries – Butter – Whipped cream – or yogurt in case of following a diet – Crushed nuts and mint…

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Blackberry Trifle

blackberry trifle

A blackberry trifle is one of the easiest and filling meals. It is often made with whipped cream, but as for me, I choose yogurt and fruits as a healthier option. Trifles are usually made with sponge cake layers, but what if you try it today with biscuits instead? Using biscuits in the trifle makes it very light and appealing for kids. You can add nuts, raisins or whatever you like to introduce a fully light and nutritious dessert to your family. Ingredients: – 4 cups of sweetened coconut biscuits…

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Fruit Pizza

fruit pizza

Fruit pizza is often eaten as a snack, and sometimes as a dessert as it contains cream and fruits. The fruit pizza recipe is made with baked small pizzas, which is unhealthy sometimes. Instead, making it with pancakes that contain eggs and milk will result in a complete, vitamin-rich meal of high nutritious value. You will need: – Freshly cooked pancakes – Your favorite mix of sliced or diced fruits – Whipped cream or unsalted creamy cheese – Slight amount of honey or your favorite syrup “only if you want…

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Salted Caramel Strawberry

salted caramel strawberry

Salted caramel strawberry is one of the delicious, easy desserts that we all crave. It reminds us of the chocolate dipped strawberry, but with the salted caramel and crushed nuts we surely discover a magical taste. Ingredients: – Fresh strawberries; rinse finely with water and leave the stems to give a nice look. – Enough amount of caramel – you may use small caramels or a packet of caramel chips. For example 20 strawberries will need around 40 small caramels. As for me I prefer caramel chips that we melt…

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Cuban Baked Bananas

cuban baked bananas

The Cuban baked bananas is one of the easiest, kids friendly recipes. Adults also love this dessert because it is so light and energy providing. All what you need is some bananas, baking casserole, brown sugar, raisins, nuts or pecans. The original recipe contained pecans, but since I never tried them, I’d use mixed nuts instead, to give a high nutritious value and more flavor. An optional ingredient for those who love nut milk is the almond milk. If you are familiar with homemade nut milk, you can make your…

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