Skin Whitening Remedy

Skin Whitening Remedy 1

Skin whitening remedy is quite essential every now and then, to keep the sensitive areas, buttocks and armpits soft and shiny. I myself have tried many skin lightening creams and other products that are mostly effective, but very harmful for the skin due to its chemical compounds. The simplest way to keep these areas white and soft, is the frequent care using natural masks and nutritious oils, besides wearing cotton shorts that keep your skin dry and healthy. The ingredients depend basically on lemon juice, which is a great bleaching…

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Skin Whitening For Bikini Area

Skin whitening for bikini area

In many of my topics, I mentioned the importance of skin whitening, to have soft, shiny buttocks, armpits and inner thighs. In this topic I’m going to tell you a natural skin bleaching recipe for the whole body, and also quite safe for the sensitive/bikini area. Ingredients: – ¼ cup of lemon juice. – ¼ cup of vinegar. – 1 small potato. – 1 tbsp of turmeric. – 2 tbsp of olive oil. – 2 tbsp of flour “use more if needed”. Let the olive oil aside for moisturizing your…

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