Tartar Sauce

tartar sauce

The tartar sauce is a flavorful, condiment sauce usually used with seafood dishes. The sauce is considered an appetizer and is known worldwide, especially in Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. The tartar sauce consists basically of mayonnaise, a small amount of Dijon mustard and other rough ingredients. The rough ingredients are usually pickle-based, but some add their own touch of herbs and even make a salad-like tartar sauce. The sauce was found in cooking books that belonged to the 19th century, which proves its old origins. Nowadays, the sauce…

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Low Fat Tartar Sauce Recipe

low fat tartar sauce recipe

A low fat tartar sauce recipe depends on using non-fat yogurt instead of mayonnaise and mustard. Actually yogurt is always the basic ingredient in low fat meals, and today we are going to show a simple tartar sauce recipe. Ingredients: – 1 cup of low fat yogurt or non fat sour cream – 2 tbs of fresh chopped parsley – 1 tbs of mustard – 1 tbs minced red onion – 2 tbs of minced pickles or sweet pickle relish – Few drops of olive oil – 1 or 2…

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Tartar Sauce Recipe

tartar sauce recipe

I used basic ingredients for quick tartar sauce recipe, but if you like to add more ingredients that you or your family likes, you will surely make a delicious sauce. Ingredients: – 1 cup of your preferred mayonnaise – 1 tbs of Dijon mustard – 1 tbs of lemon juice – Salt and pepper – 1 tbs of minced sweet onion “red onion” – 2 tbs of sweet pickle relish “you can replace this by pickles or any other ingredient you like” Optional: As for me, I could use minced…

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Crab Cake Recipe

crab cake recipe

Crab Cake Recipe Ingredients: – 1 pound of crab meat – Soy oil – Salt and old bay seasoning – 1 egg – ½ cup panko bread crumbs – 2 tbs fresh minced parsley – ¼ cup of minced celery – 2 tbs of mayonnaise – 2 tbs of Dijon mustard – 1 tbs of Worcestershire sauce Preparation: – In a glass bowl, mix the mayonnaise, mustard, parsley, celery, old bay seasoning, and egg. Stir with a spoon until all are fully mixed together. – Before adding the crab, check…

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