Delicious Thanksgiving Appetizers That You Can Prepare In No Time

Thanksgiving appetizers are always necessary on our dinner table, to please the guests and prepare them for the harvest feast. Many people like to follow a traditional thanksgiving dinner menu, including appetizers, main dishes and desserts. And while they like to keep the traditional style of that warm holiday, others may like to create simple appetizers in easy steps. In this topic I collected some of our appetizers, with creative ideas on how to pickle cherries and prepare pine cone cheese balls. Among these recipes, I included cheesy bread, garlic…

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Almond Pine Cone Cheese Balls For Thanksgiving And Christmas

Almond pine cone cheese balls

Almond pine cone cheese balls are delicious appetizers that we usually make with cream cheese and mayonnaise, for the end-of-the-year holidays. Like other cheese appetizers, almond pine cones are served with crackers, bread sticks or toasted bread slices. The original recipe is made with any type of cream cheese, blended with a slight amount of mayonnaise, and flavored with seasoning or fresh herbs. Basic ingredients: – 1 package of cream cheese. – ½ cup of mayonnaise. – 1 tbsp of olive oil. – Fresh rosemary springs. – 1 cup of…

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