Best Rice Stuffing Recipe

Best rice stuffing recipe

As I want to celebrate this Christmas in a joyful, warm atmosphere, I decided to share one of my special recipes with you. This is my best rice stuffing recipe that I usually cook separately with meat cubes and lots of nuts. I like to mix dried fruits as well, as they are the best to flavor most rice and meat dishes. Ingredients: – 500 gm of rice “2 large cups”. – 300 gm of beef or veal “tender meat cut”. – 1 large onion. – 5 celery stalks. –…

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Vegetable Rice Turkey Stuffing

Vegetable rice turkey stuffing

My vegetable rice turkey stuffing is a recipe that I tried last year for Christmas. I cooked it separately then I stuffed the bird directly after it was baked. The stuffing is one of the best rice recipes ever, and you can make it with common rice or long grain rice. For the vegetable ingredients, I used only potatoes with frozen peas and carrots. I actually like this special mix, but I you want to use more; you can add mushrooms, broccoli, celery, etc… Ingredients: – 2 cups of short…

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Sausage Stuffing With Cashews And Jalapeno Cheese

Sausage stuffing with cashews and jalapeno cheese

In this topic, I’m going to introduce a nice version of turkey stuffing for those who like to celebrate the holidays in different style. Sausage stuffing with cashews and jalapeno cheese is an easy recipe that uses bread and beef sausage with toasted cashews and few other additions. I thought of another change to make it much better, and I found that using rice and raisins can go better with the cheese and cashew flavors. If you like to try the rice version, I will mention it below as well…

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Nutty Rice Turkey Stuffing

Nutty rice turkey stuffing

Nutty rice turkey stuffing is one of my most favorite recipes for Christmas. I used to follow my own recipe, which I make with nuts and chicken livers, graced with a special vegetable mix in brown fruit sauce. This recipe is a bit similar, but it doesn’t use vegetables or chicken livers. It uses lots of mixed nuts and brown rice, but you may add chicken livers and vegetables for an extra delicious taste. Ingredients: – 1 cup of long grain brown rice “200 gm”. – 1 large onion, diced.…

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Apples And Cranberries Thanksgiving Stuffing

Apples and cranberries thanksgiving stuffing

Apples and cranberries thanksgiving stuffing is not just a stuffing recipe, it is the base for many versions of bird stuffing, in which you can use nuts, chicken pieces, giblets and sausages. You can prepare the recipe with rice or bread, and in my opinion, rice is much better, especially with toasted cashews. Ingredients: – ½ pound dark rye loaf, cubed or shredded into small pieces. – 1 cup of dried cranberries, soaked into boiling water for 15 minutes. – 2 green apples, diced. – 3 celery stalks, chopped. –…

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Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe

Thanksgiving stuffing recipe

For thanksgiving and Christmas, I used to stuff turkey or chicken with rice and vegetables instead of the toasted bread. It really tastes delicious, and even more suitable for veggies and nuts. This thanksgiving stuffing recipe is one of the quick and easy recipes, in which you can use whatever vegetables you like. Ingredients: – 2 small cups of rice. – 1 cup of diced giblets “livers and gizzards”. – 1 cup of peas and carrots. – ½ cup of chopped onions. – ½ cup of chopped celery. – 1…

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Turkey Stuffing With Bacon, Chestnuts And Plum

Turkey stuffing with bacon, chestnuts and plum

Turkey stuffing with bacon, chestnuts and plum is one of the most delicious dishes that you can ever cook for thanksgiving or Christmas. The mix between salted and sweet tastes of bacon and plum, in addition to the chestnut charm, is one of the original countryside secrets. Ingredients: – 600 gm of thick bacon slices, diced. – 1 large French baguette or artisan Italian bread. – 2 medium onions, diced. – 4 large celery stalks, chopped. -200 gm jarred roasted chestnuts, chopped. – 1 cup of chopped pitted prunes “dried…

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Bread Stuffing With Fresh Herbs

Bread stuffing with fresh herbs

Bread stuffing with fresh herbs is considered one of the basic recipes made for thanksgiving and Christmas turkey. It contains eggs, old bread, fresh herbs and spices baked in broth. The variety of additions could be raisins, chopped chicken pieces or leftover. Some people would want to add nuts, but I don’t recommend toasted nuts in any basic stuffing. Ingredients: – 2 eggs. – 1 pound of French or Italian bread, cubed. – ¾ cup of unsalted butter. – 2 medium onions, diced. – 3 cups of chicken broth. –…

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Basic Turkey Bread Stuffing

Basic turkey bread stuffing

The basic turkey bread stuffing is the simplest recipe that you prepare to stuff a 5 to 10 pounds turkey. It consists of bread, onions, celery, eggs, seasoning, butter and chicken broth. If you like to add other ingredients, like leftover chicken, it will also be a good idea to add taste, and a great alternative for those who dislike eggs. Ingredients: – ½ cup of chopped onions “or scallions”. – ½ cup of chopped celery. – 4 cups of bread cubes, brushed with butter and toasted. – ½ cup…

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