Baby Dresses

 Baby dresses are the second, basic things that pregnant ladies think of. They need pretty clothes for their babies, to dress in at home, outside and in special occasions. These dresses should be made from fabrics that comfort the baby girl, yet provide a nice look to satisfy the mother. Cotton baby girl dresses are the most common for home use, outings and also beach fun. The other fabrics, like tulle and chiffon, are only used for special occasion dresses. Some tutu dresses are classified among the special occasion style,…

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Tutu Flower Girl Dresses

Tutu flower girl dresses

 Tutu flower girl dresses are the cutest thing in every wedding. The design of a tutu dress is elegant enough for a flower girl; the fabrics show an amazing dreamy look while the colors, which come in match with the bride’s dress, play the grand role in completing the festive atmosphere. This collection of tutu flower girl dresses provides you with great ideas that suit most wedding receptions. I brought different photos for white and ivory flower girl dresses, as they are the most common and many brides prefer the…

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Tutu Dresses

 Tutu dresses are kids’ dresses that are basically made of tulle. The tutu dress is made in a very simple design that includes just a big skirt extending from above the stomach to the floor, and shoulder straps to hold the dress. The skirt is made of sewed, layered tulle or arranged tulle sheets to give a large volume and lovely look. The shoulder straps differ from design to design, showing wide straps, halter, single shoulder strap or cute short sleeves. Kids’ tutu dresses are suitable for all occasions and…

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