Red Valentines Day Heart Christmas Lights

Red Valentines Day Heart Christmas Lights 2

Set of 10 Valentines Heart Christmas Lights Item #328F6111 Features: Color: clear bulbs / green wire Red heart-shaped light covers Number of bulbs on string: 10 Bulb size: mini Spacing between each bulb: 9.5 inches Lighted length: 7.5 feet Total length: 9.8 feet 24 inch lead cord 4.5 inch tail cord

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Flower Decorations For Valentine’s Day

Flower Decorations For Valentine's Day 6

There is nothing more romantic and heart felt like floral decorations. If one thinks of decorating their home for Valentine‚Äôs Day, yet they want simple ideas, their best and only option should always be roses. Roses, flowers and elegant looking plants can decorate every inch of your house, to bring you the most lovely and romantic atmospheres for a few days. You can light up the living room with different colors and types of flowers; and with placing each on the right corner, your husband will be fascinated at the…

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