Vegetable Soup With Chicken Livers

Vegetable soup with chicken livers

Vegetable soup with chicken livers is one of my favorite winter soups, and actually dinners. This recipe is too nutritious, especially for kids, as the chicken livers are rich in iron and selenium while the vegetables provide a wide range of elements that the body needs. In addition to all these benefits, this soup is suitable for patients with anemia, high blood pressure, heart problems, and digestive system problems as well. You can make it as a warming snack, when you have cold or flu. Ingredients: As for the chicken…

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Loaded Potato Soup

Loaded potato soup

Loaded potato soup is one of my most favorite winter dishes that I often make with chicken or meat stock. The basic recipe is made with orzo pasta, but I found it more enjoyable to increase the amount of potatoes instead. Ingredients: – Cooked meat or chicken. – ½ liter of stock “you can use stock pot cubes instead”. – 2 onions, wedged. – 3 medium potatoes, peeled and cubed. – 1 ½ cup of peas and carrots. – 1 cup of green beans, chopped. – ½ cup of chopped…

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Vegetable Soup

My vegetable soup recipe is usually made with chicken and orzo pasta as I replace it with the basic meal or make it in winter for a nutritious, warming meal. Ingredients: 50 gm of orzo pasta “optional” 100 gm green beanstalk 100 gm small potato cubes 250 gm peas and carrots Small cup of broccoli florets 200 gm boneless chicken breasts “optional” Small onions “I use around 5 or 6” Small amount of chopped parsley for garnish Small amount of chopped celery leaves Salt, pepper, curry or turmeric Chicken soup…

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