Decorative Wall Murals

Decorative Wall Murals 1

Plain colored walls can bring relaxation and comfort to some people, but for others, they look very dull and boring. Other than spending much money on wall paint, wallpapers and frames, we are providing you a solution to save your money and decorate your home. Decorative wall murals are small sized wallpapers, like large stickers, used to give beautiful looks to the single-color walls. They provide fantastic looks to almost every room and empty space at your home, turning the regular appearance of plain walls into a beautiful forest, colorful…

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Wild Animals

Wild Animals 2

As many people like to use wildlife wallpapers and collect nature photos, I thought of posting beautiful photos and wallpapers for wild animals. I collected simple scenes for tigers, leopards, bears, deer and few other animals in nature. They look really lovely, and surely using them as wallpaper feels like being in real safari trip. The best photos in this post, for me, were the cute monkey, the leopard and the deer. Other photos that were taken by a lake or river are also amazing, especially that fishing bear, zebra…

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