Tartar Sauce

tartar sauce

The tartar sauce is a flavorful, condiment sauce usually used with seafood dishes. The sauce is considered an appetizer and is known worldwide, especially in Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand.
The tartar sauce consists basically of mayonnaise, a small amount of Dijon mustard and other rough ingredients. The rough ingredients are usually pickle-based, but some add their own touch of herbs and even make a salad-like tartar sauce.

tartar sauce

The sauce was found in cooking books that belonged to the 19th century, which proves its old origins. Nowadays, the sauce is prepared in different ways, according to the ingredients added in each country. For example, in England the tartar sauce recipe is made with gherkins, capers, tarragon and lemon juice while in the US is made basically with pickle relish, onions and parsley. Some people add pickles, hard boiled eggs, chives, chopped olives, herbs or a small amount of vegetables. It gives a nice taste and makes a good change in the sauce recipe.

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