Thanksgiving Table With Fresh Fruit Centerpiece

 There is nothing better than decorating with nature displays during the fall season. This thanksgiving table with fresh fruit centerpiece is an exquisite model on the most casual thanksgiving decorations. The centerpiece was totally made with fresh autumn goodies – like apples, pear, carrots, pumpkins, and nuts – and two lovely leaf bouquets wrapped in burlap and placed with glorious candle holders on both sides. The tablescape was perfectly made to leave a fresh impact, yet its elegance remained a secret within a rustic look.


The wooden table was furnished with a simple cotton spread, directly on the table axis, making a clear background for the centerpiece and ensuring a nice contrast with the brown table appearing at the sides.
The tableware and fresh fruits were arranged in a symmetric way, even the autumn leaves and nuts; all appeared amazing with the glass goblet standing on the dishes at the middle of the centerpiece.

Another model was featured, to inspire you with different centerpiece arrangement. It was also made with fresh fruits, but in this display they were not all placed at the middle; some fruits decorated every place setting, directly on the plates. The other lovely feature here was the rectangular box and the burlap sheet on the table axis; they matched quite well, especially with the white candle that was wrapped with crystal branches. The box also contained fresh plants, green berry ball, white berry branches and pine cones.

Thanksgiving-table-with-fresh-fruit-centerpiece_2 Thanksgiving-table-with-fresh-fruit-centerpiece_3

Thanksgiving-table-with-fresh-fruit-centerpiece_4 Thanksgiving-table-with-fresh-fruit-centerpiece_5 Thanksgiving-table-with-fresh-fruit-centerpiece_6 Thanksgiving-table-with-fresh-fruit-centerpiece_7

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