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As all ladies need to take care of their body, to remain beautiful and sexy, putting a bright nail polish or doing some nail art is an essential part of a lady’s daily elegance. Toenail designs are also considered important, to stay in style and look sexy. There are simple designs that you can make at home, using a few shades of manicure or a printed sticker, and there are others that need experience, like the 3D nail art. The simple designs require putting a manicure base that matches with your skin tone, then draw a few lines/spots with a brighter shade. The decorative spots are best drawn in lighter shade, like silver and gold, for the dark manicure and vise versa for the light polish.


Speaking about the toenail designs that require some training, a great example is the different patterns which you stick/draw on each nail. This type of manicure needs long, healthy nails, to give appropriate area for the design. You may need to try the gel nail extensions, or the acrylic French nails, before you try one of these designs. You will also enjoy sticking rhinestones, tiny pearls, glitter and butterflies, as a new style of 3D nail art.

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