Tropical Fruit Salad

Tropical fruit salad

This is an Asian style tropical fruit salad, which is served in cored pineapple bowl. The preparation is easy once you know how to core the pineapple. If you don’t have a pineapple corer, you can cut the top and bottom and then cut an inner range with a sharp knife. To get the flesh out, cut two axes crosswise to divide the pineapple core into quarters. Getting the flesh out would require passing along the range again with the knife and simply pushing each quarter out. After that, place your nice bowl on a dish and fill it with the tropical fruit salad.

The tropical fruit salad ingredients:

– Pineapple cubes
– Banana slices
– Quartered strawberry
– Mango cubes
– Kiwi cubes
– Canned lychee
– Canned rambutan
– Canned longan
– A squeeze of lime juice

Tropical fruit salad


Cut each of the canned fruit into halves or smaller pieces then mix them with the cubes fruit in a glass bowl. Add the lime juice and stir then chill in the fridge for 2 hrs before serving. You can add grated coconut to give a delicious taste and enhance the tropical flavor.
For a better recipe, use whipped cream on top of the pineapple bowl; it will give a special creamy taste to the canned fruit, especially with the grated coconut.
To make the fruit salad more sweet and add intense flavor, you can make a mix of canned fruit syrup or add a single type to your fruit salad. The one you choose to add is for sure the intense taste you want to give to the recipe. I for one, like to add fruit juice to the fruit salad, and also the coconut milk, coconut water or blood orange juice and keep the fruit in this juice to absorb the flavor.

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