Turkey Stuffing With Bacon, Chestnuts And Plum

Turkey stuffing with bacon, chestnuts and plum

Turkey stuffing with bacon, chestnuts and plum is one of the most delicious dishes that you can ever cook for thanksgiving or Christmas. The mix between salted and sweet tastes of bacon and plum, in addition to the chestnut charm, is one of the original countryside secrets.

Turkey stuffing with bacon, chestnuts and plum


– 600 gm of thick bacon slices, diced.
– 1 large French baguette or artisan Italian bread.
– 2 medium onions, diced.
– 4 large celery stalks, chopped.
-200 gm jarred roasted chestnuts, chopped.
– 1 cup of chopped pitted prunes “dried plum”.
– ½ cup of chopped parsley.
– 1 tbsp of fresh thyme.
– 2 eggs, beaten with salt and pepper.
– Salt, pepper, juniper berries.
– 2 tbsp of butter “optional”.
– 2 cups of chicken broth.


– Cut the 1 pound loaf into cubes and spread them on a baking sheet or wire rack to dry over night. It is always better to use a few days old loaf as it dried better.
– Preheat the oven while you prepare the stuffing and toast the bread cubes until lightly browned.
– Use a non stick skillet to fry the bacon until it becomes brown and crispy. You may add ½ tbsp of butter or use a frying spray, if the process seems difficult without greasing, however the bacon fat will help you quite well.
– Transfer the fried bacon pieces to a dish layered with paper towel and fry the onion with celery in the remaining bacon fat until they are tender.
– Turn off the stove and prepare the stuffing by whisking the eggs with the chicken broth in the large bowl you’re going to use for the bread. Add the fresh thyme and season with salt, pepper and a dash of ground juniper berries.
– Finally add the onions, chopped parsley, chopped prunes, fried bacon and cooled bread cubes then gently toss all to coat in dressing. Let the mixture sets for 5 minutes until the bread absorbs the broth.
– Grease a suitable baking pan with butter, slowly pour the bread mixture and spread it evenly with a spoon. Cover the pan with foil and bake it for 30 minutes then remove the foil and bake until the surface crusts.

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