Tutu Flower Girl Dresses

Tutu flower girl dresses

 Tutu flower girl dresses are the cutest thing in every wedding. The design of a tutu dress is elegant enough for a flower girl; the fabrics show an amazing dreamy look while the colors, which come in match with the bride’s dress, play the grand role in completing the festive atmosphere.
This collection of tutu flower girl dresses provides you with great ideas that suit most wedding receptions. I brought different photos for white and ivory flower girl dresses, as they are the most common and many brides prefer the classic, dreamy atmospheres. The other common colors for weddings are often purple, light pink, light blue, coral and a mix of two colors, such as white and purple, pink and purple, blue and pink, ivory and coral, etc.

Tutu flower girl dresses

Like other tutu dresses, the basic part in the design is the wide skirt while the upper part is made from tulle or chiffon with floral embellishments. The wide skirt differs in colors and designs due to the way of arranging the tulle sheets, to make the dress look prettier.
The floral embellishments are usually made from chiffon or satin, to give a good sparkle in the light. The flowers is not usually beaded with pearls or rhinestones, however some models come with very lavish beads. In fact, that makes these dresses elegant and beautiful is the way their details are made. For example, the floral details, the halter fabrics, the wide shoulder straps, the embellished bustier, and the bi-color waist strap that is usually made of tulle. The waist straps make amazing dresses; indeed quite looking like a bride’s dress, especially when the strap extends backwards to form a long train.

Ivory flower girl dresses White and purple flower girl dresses Ivory flower girl dresses Purple tutu dresses

Tutu flower girl dresses White flower girl dresses Pink tutu dresses for flower girls White flower girl dresses White tutu dresses for weddings

White tutu dresses for weddings Tutu flower girl dresses Ivory flower girl dresses Purple flower girl dresses Tutu dresses

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