Unique Easter Decorations

Colorful Easter eggs in a bowl

If you like to add simple touches to your home during Easter, here are easy, unique Easter decorations that you can make from recycled and very affordable stuff.
The ideas I collected depend on using flowers and Easter eggs in most models. Other models show lovely crafts for twig egg basket, egg trees, small wooden plant pots and colorful E-a-s-t-e-r letters.
Starting with how to use eggs and flowers to create unique Easter decorations; the simplest idea is to choose big eggs, crack them from above, wash inside and fill with wax or flowers. By filling empty eggs with colored wax, you will make very romantic candles for coffee tables, bedroom, and dinning table. The egg flower pots will surely have the same impact and your kids may like the idea as well.
Creating artwork with eggs require some colors, yarn and a pattern. That way you can make a nice egg bowl centerpiece in which you arrange amazing egg patterns for the dinning table décor.
Crafty ladies may love the following idea, which is to wrap empty eggs, or plastic ones, with burlap or any other fabric then use yarn, satin straps or thin fabric sheets to tie bows and sew creative embellishments. You can sew lace flowers and use glue to stick rhinestones and pearls for cute Vintage eggs.
Other unique Easter decorations that you make with flowers, small fir trees and small planters include amazing flower pots, egg carton flower planters, small egg trees with floral branches and awesome flower baskets. The flower baskets are easily made by attaching flowers to a thin yarn, in the same way you make flower necklace, and then fix the yarns in arranged way on the baskets until it is all covered with flowers.

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