Unique Mother’s Day Cookies

During mother’s day holiday we all like to bake cookies and decorate them in multiple ways, to introduce for our moms in the breakfast or just enjoy with family. These unique mother’s day cookies decorations I found very suitable to celebrate the holiday and bring much joy to our mothers.
The cookies were decorated in several ways using liquid frosting and food coloring, with the perfect shapes and patterns for sure.
The cookies were shaped into amazing, pleasant shapes like purses, tea cups, shoes, hats, dresses, hearts, flowers, letters, envelopes, flower leaves, butterflies, fortune cookies and cute edgy shapes. The colors and ways of decorations are many. They are truly beautiful and creative as the cookies shapes allow a variety of decorations like using coloring, small flower fondant, and other details that make the cookies look like real art.
If you want to follow similar shapes and decorations, they will help you to gift your mother and grandmother with the most beautiful and unique mother’s day cookies.

Unique-mother's-day-cookies_1 Unique-mother's-day-cookies_2 Unique-mother's-day-cookies_3 Unique-mother's-day-cookies_4 Unique-mother's-day-cookies_5 Unique-mother's-day-cookies_6 Unique-mother's-day-cookies_7 Unique-mother's-day-cookies_8 Unique-mother's-day-cookies_9 Unique-mother's-day-cookies_10 Unique-mother's-day-cookies_11 Unique-mother's-day-cookies_12 Unique-mother's-day-cookies_13

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