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Home And Heavens is an online magazine that offers rich content for its readers. Our website aims to provide easy advises about home decorating, fashion clothes, health and nutrition, holiday preparations, wedding plans, party ideas, technology, food recipes, pets, gardening and beauty.
Through the best selection of articles, tips and reviews, you will be able to find solutions for all what you need and all what matters for you. The clear design of our website allows you to rapidly explore and access all sections, and discover new, good reads.
Our large collection of articles almost covers all what you need for a better life. We focus on providing the best tips through an extremely easy manner and different images, to ensure a good understanding for the ideas. Most of the images are carefully selected, to show different designs and creative ideas from all countries and cultures, and also to provide our readers a good, amusing read.

The Team

Diana Justice

Owner and Chief Executive Officer at:

  1. Healthiana Web Site


  • Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of www.homeandheavens.com.
  • Electric engineer.
  • Health Advising.
  • Freelance Writer.
  • Experience in fashion, home Decor.
  • Wedding plans.
  • Beauty tips.

Haytham Ahmed

Owner and Chief Executive Officer at:


  • Accountant.
  • Computer Maintenance.
  • Graphic Design.
  • Database Design.
  • Programming.
  • Online Marketing.
  • Software Developing.
  • WordPress & Blogger Developing.
  • Article Writing.
  • SEO.
  • Web Design.