Vegetable Soup

My vegetable soup recipe is usually made with chicken and orzo pasta as I replace it with the basic meal or make it in winter for a nutritious, warming meal.


50 gm of orzo pasta “optional”
100 gm green beanstalk
100 gm small potato cubes
250 gm peas and carrots
Small cup of broccoli florets
200 gm boneless chicken breasts “optional”
Small onions “I use around 5 or 6”
Small amount of chopped parsley for garnish
Small amount of chopped celery leaves
Salt, pepper, curry or turmeric
Chicken soup cube
Soy oil

vegetable soup


– Cut the chicken breasts into medium cubes and prepare the small onions.
– In a suitable pan, put 2 tbsp of oil with the orzo pasta and stir quickly on high heat for a minute. Reduce the heat and don’t stop stirring until all have taken a dark golden color.
– Add enough water then add the chicken soup cube and stir well.
– Cover the pan and raise the heat until the soup starts to boil.
– Add the chicken breasts, vegetables and onions with a dash of salt, pepper and curry. Cover the pan and let it on high heat for a few minutes.
– Add the celery and reduce the heat to medium. Leave it for 10 more minutes.
– After all ingredients are cooked, add the parsley and cook for only a minute then serve the soup.

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