Water Beads Decorations

During the different seasons, we think of easy ways to decorate our houses, especially on the holidays, during parties and when we invite guests for dinner. Water beads, or water crystals, are the simplest aids in home decorating and creating elegant displays. In addition to being environment-friendly, they are pretty gel marbles that I personally adore and use much for arrangements and centerpieces.
Water beads decorations are easily made with flowers, floating candles, decorative crystals or small objects. All these items can be combined for a majestic display inside a vase, large goblets, fruit bowls, votives and other glass objects. All you need is buying them, soaking them into water until they take marble size, then they are ready for use.


Like the photos I collected, you can use several colors of gel water beads to make centerpieces or coffee table decorations, using small glass bowels and some candles or flower buds. This technique makes it easier to set up last minute d├ęcor using any glass bowl and fresh flowers from your garden.
Some people like to make small planters with gel beads, and I admit it is a brilliant idea to provide moisture in the indoor vases. The artificial gel soil is suitable for flowers and small plants, and some beads come in stunning colors, to add style to the indoor vases.
You just need to buy a type that was made for artificial soil, in order not to harm the plant with chemical components that may exist in decorative types.

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