Water Beads Wedding Centerpieces

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In a previous topic, I wrote about how to make water beads decorations and how to use those beautiful jelly balls as artificial soil for indoor plants. In this topic, I’m going to introduce brilliant ideas for water beads wedding centerpieces that most brides would want to try.
Using water beads, or water crystals, to make large centerpieces, arrangements and elegant displays, has always been very creative and neat. It is quite affordable compared to other wedding centerpieces that use expensive supplies, yet remains very elite. Another advantage is that water crystals match with any wedding reception, simply because they are not used alone and they are just added to give color and sparkle while candles, glass objects or flowers are considered basic elements.


Depending on the budget you set for your wedding, you will be able to choose from great arrangements, of which many are very simple and affordable. The idea is surprisingly suitable for at-home weddings; the very simple, and the very lavish. You can even set the water crystal centerpieces by yourself; choosing the flowers and arranging the candles by your own hands. It is a great joy indeed, and you will be stunned when you know that you can choose the colors and other matching decorations for many themes that resemble different countries. That means you can be living in America, yet have your wedding reception in Chinese style, enjoy a casual garden wedding or even have a fully white, sparkling winter wonderland wedding with water crystals.

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