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Wedding dresses, or bridal gowns, are the brides’ most confusing matter. Most brides don’t know how to choose an elegant dress that suits her body type and curves. Surely not all brides are fat, but still the wedding dress designs may not fit every woman, unless she knows how to choose the gown.
In the photos below, I’ve collected elegant wedding dress designs that suit different wedding atmospheres and styles.
Crinoline, taffeta embroidery, plain satin, sweetheart neckline and sleeveless dresses are all found below in the photos. They are made in different colors to suit all tastes and match with the current trend.
There are the long, classic bridal gowns, made of fluffy fabrics, tulle, lace or a mix of two fabrics. These gowns are timeless as they represent the basic wedding gown style.
There are other wedding dresses that look quite alluring, and they usually come with simple details on the bodice and flared, embellished skirt. The skirt design and size differs from a model to another, and that’s what gives every dress its special charm.

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