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Wedding rings are the most important things to buy when you decide to settle and marry. Unlike engagement rings, selecting a wedding ring or band seem a difficult task for its significance, price and design.
The first consideration for most couples is the price. The price may cause a huge burden for those who want to design their rings or wear real diamonds, but you can choose an affordable ring from a variety of sterling silver and zirconia work.
You may opt for an elegant band with a pave-diamond stackable ring, or a simple twisted ring. The twisted rings offer an elegant combination between stackable diamond bands and plain bands. They are budget friendly as they come in silver or gold, in addition to holding either zirconia or real diamonds in tiny cuts.

Tiara wedding ring

The twin rings and engraved bands are also elegant. You can find them in white gold or sterling silver, but they may be a bit more expensive than other options.
The third type comes as engraved wedding rings, either with a plain band or an engraved one. The designs are endless as they may resemble each country’s style, like the claddagh, Victorian and French rings. Besides the engraved bands, these rings usually come with a stackable diamond or zirconia band.

White gold wedding bands Engraved bands and diamond rings Claddagh rings

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