Wilvorst Dutch Style Wedding Tuxedos

Wilvorst deutsch style wedding

These Deutsch style wedding tuxedos, from Wilvorst, represent one of the most classic and unique lines produced by this brand. All tuxedos came in dark, quiet colors and the fabrics were not as shiny or patterned, to influence the style with a neat, bold look.
Black was the dominating color in this collection where cocoa, white, and two grades of dark, grayish brown gave a lighter touch to four models. The groom accessories came in shiny, matching grades of beige, deep red, dark purple, cream, silver and black, with one plain model in dark, patterned caramel.


The detail varieties included the striped fabric patterns as well as the type of fabrics, which actually infused each model with secret charm, resulting in clear color difference, even in the black suits.
The creation included the pocket cuts, the button colors, and the jacket designs. Most buttons came in black and brown, except for the white suit and the grayish brown, which came with transparent, sparkling buttons. Most jackets came in the short length style, with a round cut at the edges, but we can easily recognize a beautiful tuxedo with deep red waistcoat, coming with long, sharp-cut jacket.

Wilvorst-deutsch-style-wedding-tuxedos_2 Wilvorst-deutsch-style-wedding-tuxedos_3 Wilvorst-deutsch-style-wedding-tuxedos_5

Wilvorst-deutsch-style-wedding-tuxedos_7 Wilvorst-deutsch-style-wedding-tuxedos_9 Wilvorst-deutsch-style-wedding-tuxedos_11

Wilvorst-deutsch-style-wedding-tuxedos_4 Wilvorst-deutsch-style-wedding-tuxedos_6 Wilvorst-deutsch-style-wedding-tuxedos_8 Wilvorst-deutsch-style-wedding-tuxedos_10


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