Wilvorst English Style Wedding Tuxedos

For the English style wedding tuxedos, Wilvorst does its best to introduce extremely elegant suits for the ceremonies and after-six parties. All suits are made from fine fabrics where most of them come in heavy satin, sharply cut and simply detailed silhouettes.
The basic color for an English style wedding tuxedo is the shiny black, which is sometimes paired with shiny, patterned waistcoats, cravats and chest towels made from fine silk.


In some models, we can see several grades of brown and khaki, to suit most wedding and after six parties, while one model came in light beige to look a bit like a German style.
The nicest feature in this collection was the multi color toning between the suits and the other groom accessories. The waistcoats, cravats and chest towels came in deep red, purple, cream, silver, beige, brown and burgundy, with one model in bicolor of silver-spotted brown. All these color combinations aim to light up the appearance and enhance the style, surely with the thin-stripe fabrics, the jacket cuts and the lovely buttons on the cuffs.

Wilvorst-english-style-wedding-tuxedos_2 Wilvorst-english-style-wedding-tuxedos_3 Wilvorst-english-style-wedding-tuxedos_4

Wilvorst-english-style-wedding-tuxedos_5 Wilvorst-english-style-wedding-tuxedos_7 Wilvorst-english-style-wedding-tuxedos_8 Wilvorst-english-style-wedding-tuxedos_9

Wilvorst-english-style-wedding-tuxedos_10 Wilvorst-english-style-wedding-tuxedos_11 Wilvorst-english-style-wedding-tuxedos_12 Wilvorst-english-style-wedding-tuxedos_13 Wilvorst-english-style-wedding-tuxedos_6

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