Wilvorst After Six Tuxedo Collection Spring/Summer 2015

The new Wilvorst after six tuxedo collection has come with simple styles and elegant finishing among smooth touches of silk and satin fabrics, made for spring/summer 2015. The colors included black, shiny black, dark brown, dark blue, sapphire blue, and chestnut.
Not only did the colors play a great role in the appearance of this marvelous collection. The several stitches, the jacquard patterns and the shiny gloss did more than a brilliant touch, instead of the common striping and shiny, plain satin.


Mixing the plain black fabrics with glossy ones in the same suit was very creative for an extraordinary wedding ceremony. The bi-color suits looked really suitable for a fancy English wedding.
The tuxedos came in the single and two-button styles, among which we can easily recognize the elegant vests in shiny black and chestnut colored satin. Both colors made a good match with the jacket and trousers while the other after-six tuxedos came in light brown and sapphire blue, to light up the parties with their neat, decent looks.

Wilvorst-after-six-tuxedo-collection-spring-summer-2015_2 Wilvorst-after-six-tuxedo-collection-spring-summer-2015_3 Wilvorst-after-six-tuxedo-collection-spring-summer-2015_4

Wilvorst-after-six-tuxedo-collection-spring-summer-2015_5 Wilvorst-after-six-tuxedo-collection-spring-summer-2015_6 Wilvorst-after-six-tuxedo-collection-spring-summer-2015_7 Wilvorst-after-six-tuxedo-collection-spring-summer-2015_8

Wilvorst-after-six-tuxedo-collection-spring-summer-2015_9 Wilvorst-after-six-tuxedo-collection-spring-summer-2015_10 Wilvorst-after-six-tuxedo-collection-spring-summer-2015_11

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