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is an online magazine that publishes all what you need for a better life. We are always keen on meeting our readers’ needs concerning fashion, home decorating, health and nutrition, technology, crafts, gardening, pets, holidays and vacations. We also provide a wide variety of advice in all fields, so sharing knowledge for others to help them with what they seek is very important, for us and for our readers.
If you are a talented writer, or you have former experience in blogging, sharing knowledge and editing, you may join our community and share your knowledge with a mass audience.

You don’t have to be an expert in article writing, or a professional editor. All what we need is a passionate writer who can contribute with well-formed articles.

What should you write about:

  • Fashion and style – for women, men and kids.
  • Home decorating.
  • Technology.
  • Health and nutrition.
  • Pets – and other wildlife animals, if possible.
  • Crafts and general tips.
  • Holidays – all holidays, vacations, resorts and tourism.
  • Wedding plans – all concerning wedding parties.
  • Parties – all kinds of parties.

How do you apply?

If you’re interested in writing with us, contact us outlining your experience as well as specific articles you’d like to submit. Also, please, include links to your previous work.

Thanks very much and we’re looking forward to working together.

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