Yeast Mask For Dark Spots

Yeast Mask For Dark Spots

Dark spots and skin whitening have been two concerns for mostly all of us. Either because of the exposure to sun light or due to sweat and bacterial effect in sensitive areas, the dark skin issue needs safe and natural solutions.
Masks that include lemon, honey, bananas, milk, scrub, flour and other natural ingredients, can exfoliate the skin and add special softness, especially when you use nourishing oils.

One of the simple masks that you can try at home is the yeast mask, which can be mixed with honey, milk, warm water, flour and almond oil. In this mask you mix 2 tbsp of yeast with enough amount of water or milk, to make a thick, creamy mixture that you can spread on your face.
Most ladies would use dry, powder yeast, but I prefer to use the fresh yeast, which can be bought from the bakery, divided with a knife and preserved in the freezer until needed.

Yeast Mask For Dark Spots

For dark spots and cleansing, a few drops of lemon juice and ½ tsp of honey should be added. Adding milk, ground barley, or flour should help more with cleansing the pores. In certain cases, like sensitive skin, inflammations and dairy allergies, you should not add milk or acidic ingredients, and just use yeast with warm water.

– After preparing the mask with the ingredients that suit your skin type, spread the mask on your face, avoiding the eye-circle area, and let it for 10 or 15 minutes then rinse with warm water and massage with almond oil or a suitable moisturizer.
If the mask gets a little dry after the 10 minutes, no problem, that is supposed to unite with dead skin cells, dust and fats and result in a shiny, clear face.

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