17 Fancy Bird Houses In Castle And Animal Shapes

17 Fancy Bird Houses In Castle And Animal Shapes

A bird house, also called nest box, bird box or roosting box, is a small enclosure that people place in the neighborhood for birds to nest in, or in their back yard for their own birds to dwell. Those who have big houses or estate usually place these nests in different areas of/around their property, to encourage the local bird population and decrease the rate of extinction.
The modern bird house idea was first invented by the British conservationist Charles Waterton in the early 19th century, to encourage more waterfowl and bird life in the nature reserve of his estate. (Wikipedia)
The idea is now getting more attention due to the continuous deforestation caused by human activities, building and industry. Also those who own big properties benefit from the pretty designs and colors in decorating their gardens.

The most common bird house design looks exactly like human houses, but of course not all of them are small. Some houses take the castle or homestead shape, and others are made in huge designs, to offer enclosure/nest for a large number of birds, and they surely are suitable for open areas like woods.
The laser-cut, wooden bird house is one great modeling for elegance and creativity. You can have it in any shape and online shops offer you a wide variety of choices. Their colorful designs make them the best option to decorate your yard/garden, and I’ve included 3 photos for nest boxes in cat and dog shapes.
Metal and plastic are often used for decorating the bird houses, and rarely are they used for making a whole nest, unless you have a small bird or you want a temporary bird house; in that case you may use plastic nest boxes. The wooden bird house is usually more durable than any, and it offers a warm shelter in winter and an isolated one in summer.

In the following photos, you will discover very lovely designs, especially those made in cat or dog shape. The other bird houses are made in the traditional house design with a front opening and an upper wooden cover, to protect the bird from the heat and sun or the rain in winter. The upper ceiling/surface is often painted with a thick, waterproof liquid, or sometimes has a protective covering, to keep the whole house dry in rainy days.

A DIY bird house is also a budget-friendly option, but often smaller and made of other materials, if not possible to cut and fix the wooden pieces together. Gourds, especially faux gourds, can make the best bird houses and they are very affordable, cozy, light in weight, and easy to paint and decorate. You can create magnificent art within the gourd bird house, and for more creative options try to recycle any round or rectangular containers by painting them and putting cozy cotton or straw inside.

If you don’t like wood crafting or have not the essential hardware/materials to cut the wood and fix the parts together, you may make a cardboard bird house. The idea is weird and unsuitable for winter season, but it is a quick solution that won’t cost you anything but the paint, if needed. The cardboard bird house is not only a practical solution, but is considered a nice family craft that your kids will enjoy a lot, especially if you have many cartons or just a huge piece. That way you can make many nests and save large number of birds, and also help your wife with those unused stuff.