20 Dazzling Halloween Costumes That You Won’t Resist

20 Dazzling Halloween Costumes

A Halloween costume is a type of masquerade clothing that all family members, and even pets, wear to celebrate on the Halloween’s Eve. There are different Halloween costume designs which you either buy from professional costume shops, online stores, or design and tailor at home.
As Halloween was mainly celebrated to ward off the evil spirits on all Hallows Eve, some people prefer to wear frightful costumes, while others pick untraditional designs like fairies, Disney characters, angels, and maybe funny designs too. I personally regard Halloween as a fun holiday that must be celebrated in non-scary clothes. The enjoyment of wearing colorful designs and having fun with friends and family is surely much better than celebrating in dull, frightful atmosphere.
That’s why I didn’t include frightful designs in this topic, and instead I showed beautiful celebrity Halloween costumes, family costumes, homemade ones, and some sexy styles for young ladies.

Although masquerade dresses are considered extinct, I still find them a wonderful way to celebrate Halloween and other parties. They are quite suitable for mid-age ladies, and surely very elegant. I brought a few designs showing a Victorian dress and two others resembling Disney characters from “the sleeping beauty” and “101 Dalmatians”.

Among celebrity Halloween costumes, Paris Hilton has quite a style in showing very sexy looks. You can see other beauties too wearing leopard and bride costumes with a lovely “Princess Jasmine” costume worn by Kim Kardashian.
There is a variety of sexy looks to choose from. I included designs like playful student, police officer, maid, pirate woman, and sexy devil with a few models for couples and very easy, but unique family Halloween costumes.
All these designs inspire us for our coming holiday costumes, or maybe recycling the old costumes to generate a nice look, and if you are a fan of sewing, you will surely be able to dress up in your own creations.
Please leave a comment to tell us which style you like to wear this Halloween, and if you have time, you can check the costumes I picked from amazon.com.