25 Creative Kid Friendly Pumpkin Paintings For Halloween

25 Creative Kid Friendly Pumpkin Paintings For Halloween

Decorating with pumpkins in fall season is an easy way to add beauty and style to your home. Some of you may love to create many designs and decorate every place in their houses. For example, Halloween pumpkins are essential on the porch and doorstep. They also look great in the front yard when you place a nice lantern inside and spread them all over the place.
The difficult part in pumpkins decorations is carving, and I bet many of you, and your kids too, prefer painting rather than carving. So, it would be nice to surprise your kids this year with knife-free Halloween crafts made with friendly designed pumpkins.

pumpkin paint with rhinestone and glitter

For me, painting is an amusing hobby that I used to do much when I was a kid. I remember those days when I decorated Easter eggs with my sisters, and even decorating my birthday cakes was giving me happiness. So, when I grew up I could imagine how these activities are important for every kid, to give them pleasurable, unforgotten memories, and also to encourage them to imagine and create.
Today I’m bringing you beautiful ideas to decorate your pumpkins, decorate your house and do Halloween crafts with your kids in easy ways. I tried to collect kid-friendly designs because I don’t encourage introducing frightful stuff to young kids, and I believe Halloween is all about fun not fear.

Halloween pumpkin painting

About how to do these designs, you have two choices. The first one is to draw them yourself, if you have talent and experience in drawing. You may ask your family members to give you a hand. That way all of you can add their creative touches to the pumpkins. You may also need to draw light colored, thin lines at first and see if the shape is correct or needs some modification. After that, use your colored paints and draw the main shape with a brush then fill in the painting whatever colors you decide.

The second choice is for those who can’t paint precise lines, or not always in the paint process. You can download and print the shapes you want from the internet. That way you will have a clear view of what you are going to draw, and you can fix your lines easier as the print will be in front of your eyes. You will surely use the same instruction above ,to draw thin lines then add the paint. Another similar idea is buy stamps. I don’t know if this is available in your nearby stores, but they make the job very easy.

funny pumpkin painting ideas

Stamps or models are exactly like temporarily tattoos that we stick on the skin and easily remove in a day or two. You buy the shape you like and simply stick it on the pumpkins then paint the lines and add colors with a paintbrush. I think you won’t need any of that, because I chose easy-to-draw designs and there are also two or three ideas for those who don’t like painting.
The other three ideas include easier pumpkin designs, a bit similar to those of easter eggs and they may depend on colorful geometric lines. The great advantage about these designs is how friendly and cheerful they look. They are suitable for the whole fall season and not just Halloween. They also suit vintage home decorations as they look plainer and more traditional.

funny faces pumpkin painting

The other two ideas are quite beautiful and easier than you can imagine. For that, I will post another topic showing all possible designs and colors, to spice up the fall season and add some glitter décor to your homes.
These ideas depend on using glitter, rhinestone and other sparkling stuff to decorate the pumpkins. For me, they are like Christmas lights… very sparkling and warming. You can draw with colorful rhinestone beads, either on plain pumpkins or painted ones. You can make whole glittered pumpkins, or mix between glitter and rhinestone to draw shapes or write names or welcome words. There is also those sparkling, small details that we sew on fabrics. They give a lovely look when you stick them on pumpkins and they are very affordable, in case you need to buy a big amount and glow with your creations.

pumpkin painting for Halloween pumpkin painting for Halloween faces pumpkin painting colorful pumpkin painting