26 Special Disney Costumes For A Legendary Halloween

26 Disney Costumes For A Legendary Halloween

Friends who always view and read my topics, know that I adore everything about Disney, and I try to include as much related items as possible in my daily life. So, after posting marvelous Disney makeup, I’m bringing you Disney Halloween costumes to inspire you for the best look ever.
Of course some of these Disney costumes are suitable for Christmas or the New Year’s celebration. You may also pick up the model you want to wear and try the similar varieties from online stores.

Most of the photos I found show family Disney costumes and group costumes, but you may choose the same look for couples or just for yourself and try the suitable makeup. You don’t have to look scary or wear dramatic makeup because Halloween is not always about fear, it is also about fun and creation. Most people will be astonished if they see you in mermaid or princess costume and wearing sparkly, sexy Disney makeup.

The greatest thing I love about Disney Halloween costumes is how colorful and friendly they are. Even the scariest costumes will remain funny and cute for the different colors they show and the great designs that take us into a fairy tale of our favorite movies. Kids too love Disney Halloween costumes because they wear their favorite characters’ costumes, and they see their parents taking part in their cherished Disney fantasy.

I tried to collect more Halloween makeup looks to suit these Disney costumes and other holiday celebrations as well. I will post them soon and trust me you will find pleasant and sexy designs for your Halloween party, Christmas celebration, masquerade events, etc.
I will also post links for online stores that sell similar costumes and makeup kits. Please leave a comment because your opinion matters for me. Tell me, and other friends here, which costume style you like and view my Disney & Halloween makeup topics to choose the best makeup for your costume.